Who was Alf Tupper ?                                                                                      


Listen to the Tough of the Track theme song here

Thanks to 'Near Death Experience' for the original composition & permission to post it here 

Alf Tupper was a fictional, working class, 'hard as nails' runner, whose adventures under the title 'Tough of the Track', appeared first in the 'Rover' & then the 'Victor' British boys comics, over almost a 40 year period.  Alf's most endearing characteristic was his love of Fish & Chips, not perhaps the kind of diet enjoyed by today's professional athletes ! After coming across ( completely by accident ) several references to one of my boyhood Comic story heroes on the internet, I thought that a dedicated web site simply had to be created.

I am still researching the details of Alf's appearances in Comic strip format in the Victor comic after he finished at the Rover, in 1961, so if anyone has any information to give me, then please use the Guestbook link at the top of this page.   If you are too shy to leave a message that everyone can see, feel free to mail me, using the  link in the top menu, above.

On the menu, you will find reproductions of old stories about Alf, references to Alf as a post war working class hero & articles which recall how Alf was an icon to a generation of runners who went on to achieve fantastic things themselves. Have fun & please return to the site in the future.