Links - Alf Tupper related & general running related

Ron Hill & Alf T
The original & best 'real'
Tough of the Track
Clapham Chasers
SW London Running Club - my club
& proud if it.
Milton Keynes AC
Incredibly sucessful Athletics club & close to my heart
Herne Hill Harriers
London club with historic roots

Comics UK
If you loved comics as a kid, you'll love this

Runners World
UK running magazine
Modern Day Alf Tupper
Charlie Spedding, the last UK male to win a Marathon Olympic medal
British Comics
Yet more British comic character nostalgia

Student Confesion
Mud Wrestling, Student drinking & an Alf Tupper connection

The Boys
Punk band influenced by Alf
Buy Comics
Start a collection of old comics
Buy Tupper prints
Officially licensed Pete Sutherland

Runners Forum
Discussion forum for those interested in Athletics

Map my run
Does what it says on the tin
New Tupper story
Ken Whitmore brings our hero back to life
BBC comics Brittania
BBC 4 TV series

Orwell, Larkin & Tupper
Alf features in an academic paper

Football Poets
Unlikely source of inspiration for poetry - includes Alf related stuff
Cathy Freeman & Alf
A journalist compares Alf to a running great.
Alf in the Telegraph
Policital Journo compares Alf's opponents to Heseltine & Prescott !
Alf in the Victor Comic
Victor comic website with some great Alf related stuff as well as loads of other characters.
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